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Community Rebirth Initiative for African Development (CRIAD-Africa) is a registered as AFRI-AID ACROSS BORDERS nongovernmental organization in Nigeria, working across African Nations and globally on Humanitarian Assistance, Socioeconomic Development and Environmental Protection projects.


Established in year 2010, and have delivered various Cooperate Social Responsibility projects with sustainability standard as our Staff’s unparalleled knowledge of the continent’s challenges and opportunities through our direct grassroots/community engagement, we have nurtured valuable relationship with key community stakeholders across Africa.


Our work aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society.



*To work for sustainable social development of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities in Nigeria/Africa.

*To encourage environmental development and protection.

*To empower our youths through capacity building for better livelihood.

*To encourage and popularize voluntary work.

*To provide humanitarian, Educational and Economic Empowerment to our people through Clean Development mechanism, etc.


 CRIAD-AFAB commitments towards global environmental protection and development against the treats of climate change and we have set the PACE for achieving Clean and Green environment, this initiative will hence receive sustainable boast through our Awareness & Education programs in Nigeria and across 19 African countries where CRIAD-AFRICA is currently configured to compliment government’s efforts towards climate change.


Due to increase of environmental challenges in Nigeria/Africa nations, our organization Community Rebirth Initiative for Africa Development has swiftly initiated the Nigerian Climate Change Awareness program, it is a Climate Change Education and Awareness programs, as a environmental public awareness and education initiative, to educate the general public on environmental risk which we stand to face, if we fail to take effective measures and responsibilities of our environment, especially our Youths and Students.


Climate change is a major threat to the sustainable development of Nations, responding to climate change from both education and awareness angles require strategic approaches from policy, regulatory, institutional frameworks and capacities. In our research, we examined the extent to which the education/awareness capacities of Nigeria have been utilized to influence sectoral policies that have influence in enhancing the national climate change education and awareness responses.


Our addiction to fossil fuel harms human health, causes global warming, and degrades land, marine ecosystems, and pollution of our environments. These awareness programs will rebirth stronger commitment to both adaptation and mitigation for clean, and reliable energy that does not threaten human health or the environments, help the younger generation to have positive behaviors towards our environment and creates investment opportunities for prosperous Nations.


STUDENT’S CLIMATE CHANGE CLUB: we have started Establishment of Climate Change Clubs in Secondary schools Nationwide and will effectively engage the students in learning various environmental subjects to help prepare them for future challenges of Climate Change.


Students Climate Change Clubs in Secondary, and high institutions will not only prepare them adequately for the future challenges of climate change but will also encourage them to key into environmental courses and professions to help harness our natural potentials for sustainable environmental protection and development.

 Our organisation is a Youth driven that are inspired by several challenges in Africa, we have decided to make the Earth our friend, we keep the Earth clean, we protect the Earth against pollution and we are sure the Earth which is our friend will produce the best for us


 We are looking forward to commencing a Tree planting project across Africa Nations, which is also a Youth driven Initiative and this may not be successful without your support, so we deem it necessary to have partnership with your agency and work together to make sure our environment is truly protected

 River-City-to-Hydrogen™ Project Renewable Energy Development Program for Africa

 Community Rebirth Initiative (NGO), in partnership with Community Rebirth Organization Plan (CROP) and United Block Captains Association Community Trust for Family Life Improvement, Incorporated the River-City-to-Hydrogen™ lead partner organization offers River-City Organizations various business economic development and environment protection programs. 

The River-City-to-Hydrogen™ Project is an off-grid based, green solar, hydro, hydrogen renewable, zero pollution foot-print energy generation technologies project program that is appropriate for isolated rural and mainstream urban river side communities. Any river community that has about (3) knots (where one knot is one nautical mile per hour, approximately 1.151 mph) of river speed water flow and four feet (4’) of water depth at a minimum is a candidate for our Hydrogen (H2) DREAM TEAM™ Technologies and Apprenticeship Training Program. The program features: 

(1) marine current turbine, with electricity and Hydrogen Generation power plants; 

(2) sewage methane gas steam reformatting Hydrogen Generation processing; 

(3) enhanced water production delivery management; 

(4) automated financial/fiscal administrative management system for management of cash flow generated by manufacture of hydrogen gas and marine current turbine generated electricity to convert gas energy system to one hundred percent (100%) green energy hydrogen. 

(5) The main engineering program objectives project are: to design, manufacture, install, develop a financing protocol for said sub-systems and DEBUG an off-the-shelf commercially-sized power generation configuration featuring a marine current turbine network, with Hydrogen Generation power plants from electrolysis of water and sewage methane gas steam reformatting processing. 

(6) A NATIONAL EXEMPLAR MODEL APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM IN TRAINING IN THE DESIGNING, BUILDING AND OPERATIONAL MAINTENANCE OF Energy Self-Sufficient Hydro-Solar-Powered-Greenhouses™ based on an Aquaponics System Modality of Operation. 

Please note that the Hydrogen (H2) DREAM TEAM™ Technologies do NOT require the building of RIVER DAMS to generate electricity and domestic-hydrogen® gas energy!  

NOTE: WE ARE FOCUSING OUR ATTENTION ON COMMUNITY LEADERS/REPRESENTATIVES, who can complete and sign the Nigeria Model Urban/Rural Community and Commercial Scale Energy /Aquaculture Operational Technology PROGRAMS AGREEMENT WHO HAVE A NEED:


* Who are looking  bring low cost  organic food production to their community;

* Who are looking for cheap sustainable electric production;

* Who have a site that  has  (3) knots (where one knot is one nautical mile per hour, approximately 1.151 mph) of river speed water flow and four feet (4’) of water depth at a minimum is a candidate for our Hydrogen (H2) DREAM TEAM™ Technologies and Apprenticeship Training Program.

 The business, education/economic development and environment protection programs are offered through a framework of River-City-to-Hydrogen™ Hydrogen (H2) DREAM TEAM™ Alternative Energy Generation Technologies and Apprenticeship Training featuring Carbon Offset Credits with: 
1. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (E.S.O.P.) technology. 

2. Technical Assistance cooperation programs focused on distance learning technology with an emphasis on agriculture careers. ETC.

 To benefit from this program, your country must be located within Africa, and for more procedures kindly contact us via email:, or (or) Call/Whatsapp us on +234-07010300076.

Currently, ECO-Auger™ have completed full operational hydrogen plant technological system in United State of America, Florida, the ECO-Auger™ hydrogen plant will be used for electricity generation in Africa nations, where River-City-To-Hydrogen Projects will be implemented, and it have been approved working with full capacity in Florida, USA. Below are pictures of the ECO-Auger™ Hydrogen technological electricity plant system.

Our Goals

Spread empathy
through education

Increase donations equally across 24 countries

Help more children and teens graduate from high school

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